Escaping to the north doesn’t have to mean leaving the bright city lights behind and going hillbilly in some never-heard-of hick town. In spite of all the hoo-hah in Canberra, Armidale has so much to offer and more and more people are experiencing this, every day. 

It takes a little while to adjust to the relaxed lifestyle, lack of pollution, no road rage and yes … easy parking. All of this and you have every modern convenience of the big city – from major retailers through to New England University and a good selection of private and public schools.

So, this may all be very well, but what’s it really like?... you ask. Armidale is a beautiful town surrounded by some of the best day-trips you’ll find anywhere. You’ve got Wollombi Falls, one of the highest in Australia, rolling hills, raging rivers, magnificent sunsets and when it comes to food, the Wayward Trails local produce tour is a must.

Enough of nature – what about getting down to the nitty gritty of everyday life. Armidale is a great place to raise a family. Work opportunities are certainly on the rise with plans to move the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines authority to the area. With many current Canberra employees unable to make the move – the scope is wide open for Armidale residents looking for work and new opportunities.

You can send your children off to kinda and in years to come see them graduate university – without them ever having to leave home. Housing affordability is one of the major attractors, especially to Sydney-siders where things have really got out of control. Armidale offers room, big blocks of land where you can swing 10 cats – and houses that give you the space you need to be yourself, raise a family and invite your friends to come and stay. 

It’s a little piece of Utopia that can readily be yours. The town is easily accessible and people are friendly. Well out of the stifling atmosphere of the city you’ll find yourself unwinding and drinking the lay-back lifestyle Kool-Aid. And speaking of a little drink, there’s no shortage of watering holes with boutique bars and your bigger hotels. Restaurants know how to turn on a yummy meal, the coffee is as good as you’ll find anywhere, and sports fans won’t miss out with over 50 outdoor tennis courts, indoor sports arenas, a 50 metre Olympic swimming pool and a state of the art indoor gymnastic centre.

Of course, if you’re itching to see the big game, there’s plenty of local competition with footy, cricket, netball, hockey, athletics, horse racing and heaps more. Rumour has it that local sports is one of the best ways to make new friends and enjoy the convivial atmosphere that epitomises Armidale.

Choose your favourite area for your new home. Suburbs to the north such as Cherry wood, Bonnie Doon and Booloominbah are handy to the university whilst further south you have developing areas like Bona Vista and Kellys Plains - which retains the charm of a rural community, yet it’s just five minutes out of town. Down the road is Uralla, a lovely township in its own right, with all the support and facilities of Armidale just ten minutes away. If you’d like some more information or a bit of a guided tour, a great place to start is Vendor Real Estate, they’ll put you in touch with a local agent possessing all the knowledge of real estate, suburbs and facilities you’ll need.

With a median price on units at around $255,000 and for houses $355,000 – tell me what’s stopping you packing up and moving to Armidale right now?

Contact Vendor Real Estate: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – for some sound advice on buying and living in Armidale and surrounds.


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