Property Appraisal

The first step in selling your property is to obtain an appraisal. An appraisal can be obtained without any formalities with an Agent. The appraisal gives you an indication on potential sale price and gives you an oportunity to build a relationship with an agent.

If you are thiking of selling or just interested in the potential sale price of your property, contact us to arrange a convenient time to discuss your property with one of our industry experts. All Vendor Real Estate appraisals are complimentary.


Methods of Sale



Auctions can be a great way to sell when a property has high interest, bidders compete against one another for a property either in auction rooms or onsite. Auctions also give a snapshot of buyer interest on that given day and time, and are refered to as a way of receiving the purest market price.

Auction fees can be costly if no sale is acheived. It is important for the agent to identify if their is strong interest in a property and whether to proceed with an auction which lacks interest.


Private Treaty / Expressions of Interest

This method of sale can be implemented when a properties price is difficult to evaluate or when strong buyer interest is pressent. Buyers submit their offers by a set date and time, and negotiations take place their after.


Private Sale

A private sale involves listing a specified price for a property. Buyers will usually offer under the asking price in a buyers market or asking price in a sellers market. This form of sale offers small margin for negotiation with buyers.



Tips for Selling



Why are you selling? This is the most important question to ask yourself, as the answer will determine many factors during the sales process. What factors you ask? Factors such as your urgency to sell (your timeline), how much you will receive (depending on market conditions) and the options available to you in terms of the method of sale.





Research is typically conducted by all sellers before choosing to sell. But to what extent have you actually researched? It costs nothing to engage an agent to conduct market research for you and discuss the current real estate climate, so before jumping into the deep end, call up your local agent and book a time to go over your specific property.





Agents come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Its important to choose an agent that you think can best represent your property and your interests. Choose an agent that gives you honest market information, not just what you want to hear. Also look into an agencies image, marketing and branding, because that's how your property will be seen.





Marketing and presentation of your property is so important, and can often be the difference between someone showing up to your open home or not. It is imperative to market your property to its fullest potential to gain us much interest as possible. After all, a bigger buyer pool often leads to more offers and a better sale price. Buyers need stimulating to make them interested, while marketing packages vary, you can expect a ROI.





Have you ever bought something that looks average? Property is an expensive product, and your buyers need to see value in what they are buying. Poorly presented properties don't excite anyone, likewise they don't attract premium sale prices. Styling can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like, just remember to keep it simple, in fashion and most importantly present your property as clean as a whistle!





Market conditions fluctuate yearly, monthly and seasonally. Expect to sell sooner if your property is presented well, marketing effectively and priced correctly. While there is a science and art to appraising a property, ultimately the market will dictate how fast your property sells and the price you will receive for it. You might sell it in a week, possibly a year, the important thing is to listen to your agent, assess your situation and do what necessary to sell.





The team at vendor understand that selling property is more than just listing it. It's the expert market advice given before the listing, the hard yards put in to present the property at its best, accurate pricing, sophisticated marketing and intimate negotiation skills.

Go on, contact us or your local agent today.




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