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Our Sales Process

Strategic planning and marketing are among the top factors that are going to get your property sold successfully. There is more to it than simply running some ads or posting on social media. Vendor believes in effective marketing and we have the skills to back that up. At Vendor Real Estate our agents take pride [...]

Property Styling

Styling your home for sale is a sure-fire way to guarantee a better price and sell your home sooner, but what is the right way to achieve the best results when styling a home? Most real estate agents would agree that styling a home for sale brings in way better results than that lived-in look, [...]

Vendor Business Broking

Selling your business maybe something you have only just started to think about, but it is so important to set these thoughts on the right path. Vendor Business Broking can offer you the advice and guidance you need right now to make sure that selling your business is the right decision. If so, we will [...]

Request Appraisal

The first step in selling your property is to obtain an appraisal. An appraisal can be obtained without any formalities with an Agent. The appraisal gives you an indication on potential sale price and gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with an agent. If you are thinking of selling or just interested in [...]

Selling Tips

Talk To Yourself Why are you selling? This is the most important question to ask yourself, as the answer will determine many factors during the sales process. What factors you ask? Factors such as your urgency to sell (your timeline), how much you will receive (depending on market conditions) and the options available to you [...]

Buying Tips

Talk To Yourself Buying property is a big life step. While the thought of it might make you weak at the knees, its important to sit back and ask yourself if home ownership is really for you. Ask Yourself, am I comfortable being held to a long term mortgage? There are risks associated with property [...]

For The Environment

Ever admired a tree lined street? Perhaps a grand old tree that shaded the backyard as a kid? Whatever your connection, we hope you can appreciate the benefits of a beautiful environment. At Vendor, we have an environmentally sustainable business model. It's implementation is simple, for every listing sold, we plant 10 trees. We're not [...]


Lets face it, Property is marketed differently these days, and there are a lot more advertising mediums available to reach your audience. To strengthen your properties marketing campaign even further we direct and produce engaging video content. By using video as part of the sales strategy to sell your property, your marketing campaign will be [...]

Get The Edge

The Edge To Sell Selling your property is all about attracting the right buyers. Vendor Real Estate approaches your property from exactly that perspective. We are a group of professionals who know how to market property. From superb photography and on-line videos to social media marketing and strategically planned advertising, Vendor Real Estate will ensure [...]
Nundle Bus Co.

Nundle Bus Co.

For sale is this cracking little business. A school bus run located in a small picturesque town in the Tamworth region. The business has serviced the local school for over 19 years under the current owners management. The business is underpinned by a Government contract and optional ancillary services to the local School, wedding and […]